SQL 101: Relational Database Fundamentals

Helen Anderson on September 01, 2018

When working with data in relational databases there are some key concepts to understand. These are some of the things I found useful when getting... [Read Full]
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The best topic would be: how to create a relational database from scratch, say an RDBMS about a school having students, teachers, classes, courses etc.

I would give 10 thumbs up for such a post! (I'll borrow the 8 other thumbs from other people!)


I find it refreshing that you wrote the SQL code downcase. I always felt afraid of SQL and seeing it downcase makes it more pleasant. Thanks.


One record in relational database is a basic relation.


Yeaaaah SQL! This is my jam! Thanks for this post. I may use relational databases every day, but I do struggle to understand the definition and explain it to people.


Love the enthusiasm! I'm drafting posts about indexes, joins, subqueries and CTEs (all with a T-SQL flavour) and my observations when dabbling in Postgres. Stay tuned :)

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