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Helen Anderson on March 08, 2019

I began to code because ... My journey so far hasn’t been the most traditional one. I didn’t study computer science or even IT at unive... [Read Full]
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I met my better half while working together in coding, and since leaving that role she hasn't been back to coding because of the male domination and inequality of pay. I'm trying to encourage her to go back into coding because she was good at it, and in 15 years the industry has grown and changed. I'll be pointing her to your posts for sure!!


That's great to hear, hope she finds her place in the tech world real soon :)


My advice for other women who code is ...

Just do it! - because it is fun and a creative way to express yourselves.


Absolutely! There's more to tech than just zeros and ones. Finding creative and efficient solutions to problems is really satisfying.


Hi Helen,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your piece, Helen.
I especially think your advice is great for everybody transitioning into #tech from another career.
If it is okay, may I quote you and your advice in a twitter feed?

Thank you for such an informed piece. Mike.


Hi Mike, thanks for the feedback, that's really great to hear.

Yes, of course, feel free to pass on anything that's useful :)


Love the article, love your story. Keep inspiring!


Thanks James! Your encouragement means a lot :)


I love this post, and as a beginner it's so good to hear from a woman making it in IT here in NZ.


Thank you! There are some fantastic NZ tech companies focussed on lifting up those at the start of their journey. Hope yours is off to a good start :)

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