How To Rock Your First Tech Talk

Helen Anderson on April 23, 2019

Earlier this month I gave my first tech talk. It was scary and exciting, and satisfying, and worth getting out of my comfort zone. ... [Read Full]
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This post would've come in handy 2 weeks ago when I did my first tech talk on the dev week held by the company I'm working in. I also did it as a way to get out of my comfort zone and because It's free! hehe. I might have changed the info on the slides too many times! but then I only had 15 min so I had to cut out a lot of stuff (and left some gifs e_e)


Congratulations on giving it a go, that’s awesome.

I struggled with the slides too. I cut back from 40+ which seemed a little crazy


Hahaha funny thing is I was getting a little too perfectionist with the slides and at the end, everyone thought they were great... lol


I'm giving my first talk to a technical audience in a few weeks, so I really appreciated the timeliness of this post. Lots of great advice here that I hope I remember when I start working on putting my talk together.


That’s exciting! If you’d like a second pair of eyes across it I’d be happy to help 😊


Question: what do I need to keep in mind giving talk on a mic vs giving talk with voice power?


If you are using a mic make sure you are holding it up near your mouth and not down by your chest.

If you are using your voice try to be a little louder than you think you need to be so the people at the back can hear. Take more pauses to give your voice a rest 😊


Thanks for the suggestions, will keep those in mind.


Well done Helen. I have a " giving my first tech talk at a meetup " in my new year resolution and even though i havent got anything planned yet i am already super anxious... :-)


I think the most important thing to remember is the audience wants you to succeed. No one is there to judge you 😊


Giving a talk tonight, thanks for this timely post. This is solid


Every after speaking session, I will review myself that which area I need to improve. Always remember, create the video for Demo if the Demo can't work in that day.


I like this "count to 3" trick. I should start practicing it. I get excited and just slam right into the next topic.


Me too! and if I'm too nervous I race ahead just to get it over with, which isn't a great look either


Thanks! Going to use this so I can do something out of my comfort zone.


It’s definitely worth it. Let me know how it goes 👍


Thanks for sharing these advices Helen!

I'm giving my first conference talk on July and this is certainly helpful.


Had my first tech talk a week ago and the only thing that failed was my recording of it...


Oh no! That’s disappointing. I was really happy to have the recording as it went by in such a blur.

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