Essential Career Advice: from A to Z

Helen Anderson on March 11, 2019

Welcome to another awesome list. This time, career advice from the community on There are some hidden gems here, from Blogging to Mentors... [Read Full]
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Maybe if it catches on we can make 'awesome' a tag here too :)


This is a fantastic compilation, really nice work here!


Thank you, hope you found some useful advice :D


Super helpful for me as someone who's just breaking into this (sometimes overwhelming) field! Appreciate the work putting this together

You’re welcome

you’re in the right place. The dev community are helpful and friendly.

Good luck on your journey :)


Thanks rhymes, I really enjoyed your post and the discussion that went along with it. A great read!


Thanks for sharing these useful links, I love being one of this fantastic community :)


I completely agree, there are so many helpful posts and friendly folks here on


very nice article/list. i clicked and followed most of the articles you mentioned.
( and was very positively surprised to find myself in the list as well :-) )


Top of the list too. I really enjoyed your post, thanks for all your writing :)


Thanks James! This was a really fun post to research for, I found so many really helpful posts from the community.


There are so many great posts, it was hard to narrow it down to 26, but a really fun post to pull together :D


Amazing list Helen , keep it up!
Bookmarked 👍😊


Thank you! Hope you find a few gems in there :)

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