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What a great idea, thanks for setting this up :D

This may be a little convoluted but ....

I would check out how many causes there were first:

select distinct cause
from day1.wildfire
order by cause

-- 13 rows

Then use a Window Function to order the fires by their cause and assign a rank in descending order.

Then use a CTE to isolate the Window Function results and return all rows where the rank = 1.

with rankings as
  dense_rank() over(partition by cause order by acres desc) as fire_rank
 order by cause, fire_rank

select *
from rankings
where rankings.fire_rank = 1

-- 20 seconds to execute

Then do some checks to make sure I've got the right results

select fire_name, max(acres) as acresmax
from day1.wildfire
where cause  = 'Campfire'
group by fire_name
order by acresmax desc

That's an awesome solution, thanks for writing that. I don't think it's convoluted at all.

In my solution I went without window functions and did a join to a subquery. The interesting thing is that I could potentially join to the wrong row if there were more than 1 fire with the same cause and max acres burned, whereas here I think any ties would end up with the same rank, but it's guaranteed that there's no mixing and matching of data.

I hope you like the rest of the series! I started it because I was one of those developers that thought they knew SQL, when really I knew SQL-92, and modern SQL has so much more to offer.

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