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re: I have written a lot about Burnout and Crunch Culture, Ask Me Anything! VIEW POST


Thank you for writing about this, it's not something I've seen covered so thoroughly on Dev.

Do you think this is something that is unique to the tech industry or have you seen it in your experiences in other industries?

Do you think the responsibility to 'fix' crunch culture lies with the managers of the team where it is prevalent, HR or should it come from the top? Do you have any thoughts on how to tackle this from an organisation level?

What advice or guideline do you give your new team members to set expectations on working hours and stakeholder pressure?

Have you ever confronted a stakeholder or manager who is encouraging high pressure/crunch culture?

What are some of the warning signs to look out for if you suspect a colleague is struggling with this? I'd love to see your next post cover practical advice on how to tackle this from a teammates point of view.

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