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re: healthy snacks and lunches? We have a vending machine that only dispenses "healthy" snacks, but by that I mean things that are fad-healthy, like ra...

We have free fizzy drinks/soda in a vending machine. The facilities team revealed how many cans we go through in a year. It was pretty scary but if it keeps people going it’s a worthwhile perk

We have a similar thing going on where we work. I think it might be a short-term gain but for a long-term pain. I've told myself that I will stop drinking carbonated drinks at work because of the potential long-term health issues (weight gain, diabetes, etc.).

Every time I try to cut out pop, I never figure out how to replace the calories (at least some of them) with not-pop, so I end up ravenous and give up within a week. It's like my body is too trained after 20 odd years of Mountain Dew and Cherry Coke.

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