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Top 5 best YouTube channel for programmers

Ok so in this blog imma show the top 5 best youtube channel that I personally use to learn. Keep in mind that these all are my suggestions, everyone has a different taste.

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Number 1 - FreeCodeCamp

So FreeCodeCamp is a really good youtube channel for everyone who is learning to code and want to learn to code, they make large, small and video for everything, they also have a forum where you can read blogs. Their videos are one of the best although I have met many people who dont like Free Code Camp.

Number 2 - Transvercy Media

This is almost same as free code camp, makes great video, of many languages and big or small videos. I dont have watched much videos of Transvercy Media so I dont know what to tell but yeah as far I have a watched its really great. also I havnt met anyone who said anything bad for this channel.

Number 3 - Programming with Mosh

Mosh Hamedani ( his name ) provides tons of tutorials of trending and emerging web languages and technologies. He also makes large and small videos but mainly cover Python, Javascript, C# etc.

Number 4 - Dev Ed

Edward Simon who has a great sense of humor, teaches frontend languages and libraries like JavaScript, React and backend runtime environment like Node.js. He also teaches web design, 3D modeling using tools like Figma, Sketch, and Photoshop without getting you bored.

Number 5 - Web Dev Simplified

This is my personal best, maybe I think DevEd and Web Dev Simplified is draw but yeah. He mainly focus on JavaScript.

Haha comment the next 5 :)

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Nikolay Stoynov • Edited on

FunFunFunction - discontinued, but still has tons of interesting stuff
ContinuousDelivery - Talks mostly about CD, but lots of other great topics as well
Kent C. Dodds - not really a traditional channel. He does live sessions where he talks about lots of JS related topics.
The 8 Bit Guy - not a programming channel. If you curious how old computers worked, this is very entertaining.

leob profile image
leob • Edited on

"Their videos are one of the best although I have met many people who dont like Free Code Camp" - that's intriguing, so it's good, but many people don't like it ... what's the reason then for the dislike?

I'd give Free Code Camp a thumbs up because: "they also have a forum where you can read blogs" ... not everyone likes watching Youtube vids, some people just prefer reading (or am I a hopelessly old-fashioned dinosaur now?)

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The Vik

haha that last line was good, although I also prefer reading blogs, the reason is, I broke my speakers ;-;

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Haha right, you're not a dinosaur, but your speaker went extinct ;)

peter__ profile image

Here are my top 3 coding channels

  1. Ben Awad - React tutorials
    Currently updates to his startup (very entertaining if you enjoy dry, sarcastic humor)

  2. The Coding Train - P5.js Visualizations
    Livestreams and videos (which sometimes are cut down livestreams without the debugging). Great explanations also of the underlying logic behind the problems and gives ideas on how to improve or expand the code and encourages you to put your own spin on it. Great community around him as well.

  3. Brackeys - GameDev C#/Unity
    Unfortunately not active anymore but all his old videos will guide you in the right direction if you wanna start building games.

Some bonus channels for entrepreneurship, tips on how to negotiate offers, Design, entertainment (from more serious to less):
Justin Kan (Twitch Co-founder), Clément Mihailescu, Pragmatic Engineer, Figma, David R.B., Tren Black, Joma Tech, Michael Reeves, Dani, Codebullet, Randy

Hope I help some of you find some new gems 🚀

heheprogrammer profile image
The Vik

I love brackeys, and dont miss any of the ben awad startup videos, astral is goin' to the stars, although I am not a game dev of didnt add brackeys, will in the next blog, if I make one

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Notable are also:

deviouslab profile image

It's Traversy by the way

heheprogrammer profile image
The Vik

oh lmao

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David Hernández

The Net Ninja

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bherbruck • Edited on
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Mark Gagnon
edsonpro profile image

fireship is great

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Hana Belay

Corey Schafer is perfect for python tutorials. His explanations are just amazing!

coolscratcher profile image

Frank's laboratory and griffpatch are both very good and underrated. Both are excellent teachers and have high-quality videos.

codewithfan profile image

As an aspiring web developer, I agree to your top 5!

ryanguitar profile image
Ryan Els

What about The Net Ninja? Also very good content.

bhusalrj profile image
Rajesh bhusal

Yup I agree he is extremely good and videos are extremely awesome!

tkssharma profile image

Everything on javascript 1000 + videos, 100+ playlists

veztar profile image
Jelle de Bruijn

Tech With Tim, amazing tutorials in several languages

peter__ profile image

Interesting content, but for some reason I just can’t stand his voice 😅

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