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Discussion on: Vapperjs - A Vue-based SSR framework

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HcySunYang Author

Hey, thanks for your reply, our focus is only on introducing the features of vapper, and then giving the choice to the user, isn't it?

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Jeff Galbraith • Edited on

You said this:

"Why not use a framework such as Nuxt or Quasar Framework directly, but instead create a wheel? Next, we will try to answer these questions by introducing the features of Vapper to see what is different about Vapper."

The important part being: "what is different about Vapper"

But, no differences between Vapper vs Nuxt/Quasar are pointed out! Those questions were never answered.

Slightly misleading and somewhat what I'd call a "bait and switch" technique in your writing to entice readers to keep reading thinking they'll find the comparison data that never comes. The way this is written, it is intended for someone to know Nuxt/Quasar so they can figure out what the differences are on their own.

If you want to be a credible writer, then follow through with your statements. Revise and re-edit until your story is what it says it is. Also, get someone to proof-read it. For spelling, grammatical, truthfulness and completeness.