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Hi everyone. I'm not sure what i'm doing here since I fell from the internet roof by randomness googleing and semi-accident. My english won't be perfect as I'm french, and i'm sorry for that (quality of language, not the french beeing part) and I would want to join a dynamic community to help me keeping motivation and finding good ideas. I'm actually in a learning process with a kind of private school here in France, but I want to do more. And I have 2-3 side projects I've no clue how to realise, and I want to make my life in the vast, shiny devworld. So, if you can handle noobness, here I am and hello :)


Welcome to the dev community. It sounds like you will fit right in! We are all here to help and support each other on our coding journey. Don’t be afraid to contribute new posts on how your projects are going.

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