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Discussion on: Weekly Update #3 - 24th Jan 2021

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Henry Boisdequin Author

Thanks for bringing this up, I think that this is a great debate that Rust developers have all the time. I believe that there is no best case for Rust. Rust can be used and I think is one of the best options for multiple fields: web dev, systems programming, cloud, networking, game dev, frontend dev, machine learning, etc. If there was one programming language that could do so many things so great it would be Rust but beware; the borrow checker or lifetimes might give you nightmares. Even though this is true for some extent (that the borrow checker/lifetimes) are really hard to learn, Rust has the best error messages there. Rust's error messages are to the point where I believe, one could just learn Rust by typing out random code and receiving help from the compiler. To conclude, Rust doesn't have a best use case and it can be used for nearly anything you want to build!

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Hervé Vũ Roussel

Thank you so much for this detailed answer Henry! Borrow checker seems like an interesting and fun mechanism for handling multithreading :-)