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Minecraft never gets old. Play for a month or two, take a break, come back. Best $30 bucks ever spent.

Final Fantasy VI, very immersive story.

Rocket League, damn that feeling when you score an overtime goal.


I used to play a lot of Rocket League. Then one day I was playing online (which is pretty stressful for me in the first place) and some dude started complaining about how I was ball-chasing and ruining the game. I shouldn't have let it get under my skin, but I haven't really wanted to play since. It's a great game though, I may get back into it someday.


That is true. When I play with my girlfriend she always mutes the chat because she can't stand the trash talk. For some reason, it does not bother me much but I can understand why it should.


I get the same way exactly. So I turned off the chat and my quality of life in Rocket League has been SO much better.

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