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Not sure I follow you.

I think the fundamental problem is still that we cannot distinguish real market value of a trend VS devloid media. This waste of resources applies to almost everything that is open-source.

Don't worry, closed-source projects from companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM are in the same situation. Never saw Microsoft bragging they had the third-fastest web-browser.

An average developer once gets bored of his job and tries to make money out of his or others "invention" (framework) starts blogging-presenting-wrappinginbuzzworkd etc. about it.

That is what makes our field so special. What would have happened in 1991 if Torvalds would have chosen to be a biologist?

This leads to the attention of large companies which use it as a vehicle to attract cheap workforce.

Well not sure about that, you cite a Web-Component link, so I assume you are telling me Google underpays their programmers? Furthermore, I think there is more company that was created from open-source projects then "converted" to existing ones. Thinking about Wordpress, Hashicorp, Red Hat, Canonical, PuppetLab, MariaDB...

The only problem is with that we are getting vendor-locked in and not in control anymore of what we do and we are forced to spend 50% of our time doing version tracking and updating our applications.

O_o. Vendor-locked in? For me, vendor-locked in means that, for example, if you want to develop in .NET, you are going to run on Windows (I know, I know, it supposed to be ported). For instance, Angular is a fully blown MVC framework. If you choose this framework, indeed you are "vendor-locked" in the sense that your code won't be easily portable to one other (captain obvious). But it will run on Windows, Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD and probably even Raspbian. If you don't want to have a highly-coupled framework, there is Polymer that can be mixed to non-Web Component. Then, only your polymer components are "vendor-locked".

It's like inventing the f*****g hammer each time we hit the nail.

Maybe chose a technology you like, may it be Vanilla JS, jQuery, Web Components, Vue, React, and stick with it. The last time I developed web application, I used Vanilla JS + Polymer Web Components when needed, my backend was basically and Restful API and I was happy. I stop doing Web Application because I wanted to do low-level development, like an embedded system, not because of the Web ecosystem.

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