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To the best of my recollection my first email address was on a Model 204 mainframe system in the mid-'80s -- everyone in the company had one. Could not tell you what the address was to save my life 😀

Might have had an Internet email in late '88, but definitely got one in '89 when I started at Sun. At the time mail was delivered directly from workstation to workstation, so you needed to know the name of the computer of the person you wanted to reach, e.g. hassan@ripple (internally) or hassan@ripple.sun.com externally. UUCP-style addresses also worked, so com!sun!ripple!hassan (IIRC). Good times 😀


89 or 90 was around the time all the interns I was IRC'ing with were mailing from @eng.sun.com. They'd get email faster if you mailed to their workstations' FQDNs, though.

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