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re: Comminication. People call me on the phone, video calls break, voice call break, I have to wait for someone to see the message on Slack (or someone...

"In the office you just shout hey man " ... <- EXACTLY why I utterly despise working onsite in an office -- total productivity killer.


More like a joke. I really did hope no one actually shouts anything. You approach te person if he's free and discuss right there a meter away able to point things on monitor in a second. But man did you have poor experience if people shouted

Literal "shouting" or not, interruptions are the curse of office work. And sorry, there's no way for someone else to know if I'm "free" to have my thought process disrupted.

Well here's a little more on that one. I get calls on cell phone, slack "spams", emails etc from those same people. And in the office they at least ask when I'm free to talk to them which makes it less disturbing. Same goes for me I don't need to know or care when is someone "free", if it's urget it's more important than your thinking. You cant work with other people without communication and that will have some occurrences of interuption in bad moment. It's frustrating and it's called job for that reason. I have lesss usefulness for a great dev who can't handle job than average dev that has amazing communication skills. 95% of the companies are poor developed software which gets the job done NOW. It requires people to maintain it and understand each other as work with each other. And yes it requires poor tech stack as it requires people that will bug you all the time. That 5% silicone valley is reserved for people more lucky than myself and my colleagues whether it be they're borne smarter or something else. And those numbers are random but if we did analysis I bet i wouldn't be far off. People need to do their jobs and others need to build and maintain software for it. I worked for 12 teams/companies so far in 7 year experience. I don't need to point out what bad software I saw and how bad I ended up to be. But people need paychecks and that's about the same in other industry.

I confess I don't understand most of that, but I'm certainly not downplaying the value of good communication. I am saying that I find online communication channels far more manageable and less intrusive.

Also, people can legitimately disagree on what's "urgent" and what's not 😀

Great point, people do have different opinion on "urgent", you're absolutely right. I have to point out for anyone that uses "interupt my thinking" that this happens way more in other industries and some of IT, but most of IT in western world have benefit of being treated differently. It's important for me to point it out to show some understanding to people that suffer it each day yet have no option but keep on working to provide for their family as they have no other job options. I do understand that someone is more important not to interupt as their role makes more impact on the product but still I do like reminding people of others.

If nothing else, I hope the pandemic-driven focus on remote work results in everyone being accorded the respect -- regardless of role -- to manage their personal communication preferences and time allocation.

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