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Supercharging Vim: Navigate files instantly

I used CtrlP for some years, it is pretty good. I've changed ...

Create a static site generator with Python and Replit

This is a great post!

Ruby on Rails is the world’s fastest web framework for startups

Those are almost the same reasons that I use Django with Pyth...

Como se tornar um Dev influencer com o mínimo de esforço

Isso aí que acontece com quem usa low code

Como se tornar um Dev influencer com o mínimo de esforço

Ótimo post, será que não vale fazer ele em inglês tbm pra ati...

12 MUST watch videos! #WomenInSTEM Day edition

Same here :'(

Taught myself to code 1y ago & recently released my first solo product. My biggest tip for learning...🧠

I'm just starting to check it, got this detail here: Not sur...

Teeny, a route system for PHP

I understand the suggestion, seems to be interesting, at the ...

What Microsoft does RIGHT.

Same here, I use neovim with vim-coc for autocomplete.

Flask Full Course

I will watch it this week, thanks

Pyswahili (Python for non-english speakers)

I don't know Swahili, but this is awesome. Congratulations.

Is django underrated and node.js(express.js) overrated ?

I think what happens is that express.js is more related to th...

You don't really need a virtualenv

Is seems really interesting, I will check how this kind of fo...

What editor, browser and terminal do you use?

I will check the Kakoune, about the terminal I have tested ki...

What editor, browser and terminal do you use?

neovim, firefox and zsh in konsole

Does typescript increase the bundle size of a project?

For sure it will, I will run it on all my projects, thanks

Does typescript increase the bundle size of a project?

No idea, I'm not a frontend dev, but I was trying to find how...

Add Some Magic to Your Django Website

This seems really promising, I was going in the same way, rem...

5 ways of displaying i18n translations in Vue

You will need to re-render the component. This dirty workarro...

5 ways of displaying i18n translations in Vue

There is the v-t directive to prevent re-execution of the tra...

How to use BEM

I use the main block as the page: .login-page__form

I'm still using Firefox

I still use it too, and I'm really confortable with it


Really liked the list, I will implement some of the projects.

What are your thoughts on testing and TDD?

I think item 1 does not consider the time spent on executing ...

Is Programming Actually Hard?

I would like to say that write code is not that hard, but mai...

Should I go with PyQT for beautiful Python GUI?

For desktop gui I'm now considering flutter, maybe this is an...

What Microsoft does RIGHT.

About the VSCode, to me the problem is, it is too heavy for a...

Flutter signup/login application with Django backend #1

Waiting for the next ones

Tell us what your top unpopular tech opinion is 😈

+1 for both. But about bootstrap, the design system sees i...

What is your email platform ?

I use ProtonMail too, but I didn't know about being css edi...

New Machine; New Browser

I'm using Firefox Dev Edition for like one year now, no reg...

How I Set Up Git Aliases on Bash

Switching back to my old buddy Sublime Text from VS Code 🤷🏻‍♂️

For those that use linting Sublime Linter

What does a developer say after solving a really hard bug?

I like to play Gonna Fly Now:

Tell me a good IT joke

The user walks into a bar, asks where is the bathroom, the ...

Developer rationalization


Ensure the quality of your Docker Images with these cool tools

I will try it for sure.

Adding internationalization to your Nuxt.js applications in a few minutes

Hi there, we started to used vue-i18n in production here so...

Learning Go Notes - Clean Architecture and Go, is it a match?

Awesome, I will use it to learn for sure!

If your programming language were a Pokemon, which would it be?

And slow kkk

Building Desktop App in Go using Wails

Loved to know this framework.

Cautious! VIM Joke

=S So sad when I can't understand the joke :'(

Vim Best Plugin

Last days I got some refactoring cases that multiple cursos...

What new language/tool/etc. have you been meaning to learn but haven't gotten around to yet?

Great to know, I'm comming from python/Django, hope I have ...

What new language/tool/etc. have you been meaning to learn but haven't gotten around to yet?

Elixir with Poenix framework, didn't have time to first imp...

What was your win this week?

This week, I finally defined a docker, docker-compose dev/p...

Welcome Thread - v32

Hello there, my name is Haruan (R1), I am here for a while ...

Getting Productive with Vim in a Week without Hating It

How browse the code like you ctrl+click in IDE? andrew.stw...

Vim Best Plugin

The plugin offers some extra functionalities like jumping o...

Vim Best Plugin

I just edited the comment to explain a bit more the reason ...

Vim Best Plugin

Hey there, this plugin is surely a good one, I used it some...

How to manage Local vs Dev vs Prod in latest Django RestAPI?

We are using os.getenv method and working with .env files t...