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Discussion on: Is django underrated and node.js(express.js) overrated ?

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Haruan Justino

I think what happens is that express.js is more related to the python/flask way to do stuff, Django is way more batteries included, and this can be good if you don't need to know everything that happens in the process.

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Soumya Ranjan Naik Author

TBH working on express felt a lot like reinventing some parts of the wheel and instead of working on developing real solution.

It was something where I lost what abstraction means and flat wan't that hectic or maybe the structure of the JS and TS is like that it starts feeling too much or some specific paradigm that starts feeling very clumsy (especially something like callbacks).

I have done some experiments on flask but it wan't that much hectic while doing stuff although there was a bit more verbose coding than django. I really hope someone builds something like django.js 😁 or atleat I would try starting such an project.