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Owner, Chief Developer at HarryAdney Internet Services. Web design, development and management; hosting; domain name registration;


Owner, Chief Developer at HarryAdney Internet Services

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VS Code : Organization

Just installed it, and I'm very impressed. Top tip!

VS Code : Organization

Thanks for these suggestions, good work πŸ‘. I've got project ...

Windows 12, but for Web

It's so inspirational seeing a young designer/developer take ...

52 responsive snippets to create a website for your project

Thank you so much, I reckon this is going to be BIG.

What I Use Now Instead Of Google

Ugh, DuckDuckGo. I love the idea, but the fact is I have nev...

Linux VS Windows 10 - An Honest Comparison

In 36 years of running Windows and Linux machines I have neve...

Welcome Thread - v81

Hey everyone. I'm Martin, the owner of an internet design and...

10 Web Development YouTube Channels You Probably Didn't Know About

Gary Simon of Coursetro and Kevin Powell are 2 of my go-to gu...

7 amazing CSS properties you may not know (yet)

Great article, Mustapha. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

What are your favorite/most useful GitHub Gists and/or CodePen samples?

Example Gulpfile:

The Accessible Developer's Starter Kit

Axe and Axe Pro from are very good. The Pro versi...

The Accessible Developer's Starter Kit

Try getting them to access and find information from the we...

10 Practices in VSCode to Hasten Your React Development Flow

Nice list, thanks. I find the TODO and breadcrumbs really u...

Easy Accessibility: <button> vs <a>

Dumb question time: is that for React pages only? Cheers.

You can create these elements without JavaScript

Nice collection; I particularly like the floating labels in...

TODO list in VSCode

I use this extension; it's really useful. I'm now looking for...

Do you use Bootstrap?

Just started using w3. So far, so good.

10 HTML Elements You Didn't Know You Needed

Nice. Needs a polyfill though.