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Discussion on: Doing code review

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Harris Geo πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Awesome one! Another principle which I believe reviewers should follow is the β€œask for 50 changes once and not 1 change 50 times”. Otherwise the review takes forever. What are your thoughts on having a good balance between getting s**t done and writing really high quality code?

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Matt Layman Author

That's an interesting question! It might be a false dichotomy because sometimes really high quality code with good test coverage is necessary for getting stuff done. I like high coverage test suites because it gives me good leverage to let me do less manual testing. So, in my experience, I find that writing high quality code enables me to go faster.

On the other hand, I'll sometimes throw out robustness depending on the context. For instance, I've got some GitHub Actions scripts that don't need to be bulletproof. In a case like that, I write something reasonable with the mindset that I'm willing to come in and fix things if stuff breaks on me.