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Great post, I totally get this too! I think I'm good at sizing my side projects down in scope, and that's actually the only way I've managed to get as far through some of them as I have done (which is max about 50% ready to release). My problem is that I always look to learn as much as possible, which sometimes involves using not necessarily the best or quickest tool for the job - cause I cant to try something I don't get a chance to use in work. I have learnt a lot by doing side projects as a result, but never finished anything.

Now my priorities are shifting and I just want to finish something, which means I'll accept using a tech stack that I know well in order to move fast and keep momentum.


I can totally relate to this. I love to learn as well and I always want to challenge myself by trying to product the best code I can... 50% of the way lol. But this journey is showing me that it's better to just release it and improve as you go. I will probably always have some project that stay at 50% and that is ok, but I will also start to have more projects that get released vs being perfect.

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