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Thank you for this. I really like your explanation of the tech industry presenting as a Debordian spectacle. One of the most striking and succinct ways I've seen the current situation in tech articulated.


Wow, thank you for the support! This means so much to me! Haha I didn't expect many to understand since this was for a physical cultural studies course meant to be written as an op-ed but guess I was mistaken! Debord is one of a kind 👍🏼! Do you have a background in philosophy/social science?


I did a masters in critical and cultural theory, in another life haha. I'm really out of practice of reading academic stuff but your post reminded me that I miss it, and should read a bit more now and then. It's so easy to get swept up into the positivity of the tech bubble and not turn a critical eye to anything going on around you.

Wow, that's really interesting! Yes, I agree; even I get swept up. Are you a developer now? What made that choice? I'm studying Kinesiology right now and we study this in relation to physical activity in society, etc.

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