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re: For small projects (or prototype or MVP) I would use CRA + react-snap + S3 (or netlify) + CloudFlare. I just don't want to spend time to configure ...

Agree that time spent writing business logic > time spent writing config! But what happens when your project needs something changing? Or you want to do a major version upgrade of webpack, for example? Invest the time at that point to solve that problem when you get to it? I guess you can't plan for the future!


Or you want to do a major version upgrade of webpack, for example

Exactly the point of CRA. They upgraded from webpack 3 to webpack 4. I needed to bump only version of CRA, without changing anything else. Less than a minute of work. How much would you spend updating your handcrafted config?

Ah right! Thanks! So would you recommend not ejecting CRA in this case, or can this upgrade still be done if CRA is ejected? Would there be any other downsides to not ejecting CRA?

If you eject you are on your own, so they recommend to create separate git commit when you eject, so you can undo this. I had projects with CRA, I never needed to eject. With babel-macros need to eject is close to 0.

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