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Android developer - Interview questions

Hello, recently I made a job switch and have attended interviews in various companies. I would like to share the list of questions and topics I came across during the process.

Programming Basics

  1. what is the difference between final, finally and finalize?Answer
  2. Explain abstraction in OOPS concept
  3. Explain inheritance in OOPS concept
  4. How to achieve polymorphism and it's types?
  5. What is Interface in Java?
  6. Can we create Object for abstract class? No, we can't create. Explanation
  7. Can we pass null value into HashMap?Answer
  8. Different types of Exceptions.
  9. Difference between array and arrayList. Answer
  10. Difference between serializable and parcelable. Answer

Android questions

  1. How to add multiple fragments in single activity? Answer
  2. Difference types of services in android?
  3. How to create a custom view and custom widget in android? Custom View, Custom widget
  4. How to update a single item in recyclerView? Answer
  5. Scope functions in Kotlin. Docs
  6. Different types of Launch modes in android. Answer
  7. How to check whether the lateinit variable is initialized? Answer
  8. What is Elvis operator in kotlin? Answer
  9. What is MultiDex in android? Explanation
  10. Explain LiveData and it's types in android. Explanation
  11. Difference between App bundle and APK. Answer
  12. What is key store file in android? Explanation
  13. Why we need to sign our app before releasing to PlayStore? Explanation
  14. What is the use of Gradle in android? Answer
  15. Explain build flavors in android. Answer
  16. How to implement Dynamic module delivery? Docs
  17. Coroutines in android. Docs
  18. Broadcast receivers in android. Docs
  19. Content providers in android. Docs
  20. What is Intent and it's types? Blog
  21. Activity and fragment lifecycle. Check this lifecycle cheat sheet
  22. What is Job scheduler in android? Answer
  23. Explain Alarm manager. Answer.
  24. How does MVVM works. Answer
  25. What is companion object in kotlin? Answer
  26. Difference between val and const in kotlin. Answer
  27. How room works internally? Answer
  28. Explain Hilt in android. Answer

Additional resources
Kotlin cheat sheet 1
Kotlin cheat sheet and quick reference
Android cheat sheet

Please do share any interview topics and questions you came across in comments.
Hope this helps :-).

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This was really helpful. Thanks mate!

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Very Helpful!

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Thanks a lot... Very helpful

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