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Discussion on: I just launched a free step-by-step course where I build a real production Rails application.

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Hans P Lie-Nielsen • Edited on

This is just fantastic. I will definitely go through all of it and also recommend it to anyone interested in Rails and webdev in general. Already picked up a few things I had next on my list just by skimming through some of the code. Thanks again.

The fact that you also add tests during the whole course is awesome. Most tutorials I have followed always skip them, and it's definietely a plus for people to get introduced to the concept early.

May I suggest downloadable files, preferably the whole course, on the site?

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Steve Polito Author

Thanks for the feedback! I put everything on Youtube and Netlify just so I could avoid having to pay to host the course now. If I'm able to get direct links to the YouTube videos, I'll definitely put those on the site.