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What you need to know about VS Code extensions?

Before you continue, you may want to examine this link. It is an endless list of how to make your VS Code look or behave cooler.

After seeing so many recommendations on VS Code extensions and themes, I realized there is something missing in the community.

What is it?

Yet another list of cool stuff?

You guessed wrong.

After reading this article, you will not need to waste your time anymore.

The ultimate guide on VS Code extensions explains in detail how to find any extension or theme you need, using just a few clicks.


Now open your VS Code and press CTRL+SHIFT+X. The search box will appear. Write down what you are searching for. Or you can just browse the Marketplace here.

That's all, folks.

Seriously, seeing the same thing over and over again becomes rather boring. If you need to write about VS Code, what about picking up something new and relatively unknown?

For instance, when writing this joke guide, I happened to wonder whether there is an extension for

Following my own advice, I tried to search "" and found two pieces of interest.

I have no idea if they are usable or safe to use, but still, at least, they are unusual treasures, found on a whim.

But who knows, perhaps this will become the standard way of contributing to platform.

As expected, I am not the first one who writes about it here. You can check the original @sneezry 's article here.

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