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Discussion on: C++ vs Python

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Pavel Morava • Edited on

The last time I checked, OOP was implemented in C++. In fact, programming with objects was one of main differences between C and C++.

Furthermore, being static typed doesn't mean that Runtime errors do not happen in C++.

Python is specification of the language, the implemention you were talking about is called CPython.

Finally, I am quite sure you would find plenty of C++ backend applications.

Majority of high performant server backend applications are probably written in C++. Just ask Google.

Hope it helps.

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Konchada Sai Ansul Author • Edited on

Thank you for checking my article. I'm glad that you took the time to point that out in such an elegant manner.

It was helpful

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James Palermo

Concerning your point that Python doing functional programming as a "con," I'm a bit confused. Did you mean imperative? It is easy to write overly imperative Python, which is a good point, but I'm confused what you mean with functional.