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Creating your own tools

One thing I've noticed in my devops career, either when working on my own project or a project for a company/startup is that there isn't always a tool or library for your needs. This is one of the brilliant things about being in the open source community, is the ability to adapt and create what you need, when you need it.

An example of this is recently I was setting up a Minecraft related thing, specifically Technic Solder and manually packaging and uploading the jar files of mods was extremely painful and tedious. To get around this I made a script in Node that essentially does this for me. It packages the jar to work with the web application, creates a remote directory on my VPS, and then uploads the ZIP containing the mod. An example of this script working is below.


Creating tools like this not only makes your life easier, but if you uploaded the source code on GitHub for example, you could make other people's lives easier as well, and the beauty of Open Source, at least to me, is that people can improve that source code as well.

The "take-away" here is that when something doesn't exist, you should make it, and possibly also share it as well. On that note, as I labeled this under "discussion" and "showdev", what tools have you created when something didn't fit your needs?

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seanmclem profile image

I've been working on tools to interact with the filesystem API recent finalized in Chrome. Trying to emulate a file browser, but add features like template generators and AST parsing

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𒊩Wii 💖💛💚💙💜💝💟

sounds to me like a job for a bash script, what did you need node for?

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Hanna Author

It's just what im most familiar with lol

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