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What Is a Video Container Format?

hamitdemir profile image Hamit Demir ・1 min read

Video containers bundle and store all elements of a video into one package. Elements include the video and audio streams, subtitles, video metadata, video codec, and more. The most commonly used containers for media on the web are probably MPEG-4 (MP4), QuickTime Movie (MOV), and the Wavefile Audio File Format (WAV). But you may also come across MP3, Ogg, WebM, AVI, and other formats.

Not all playback platforms accept all containers and video codecs. Containers can usually enter multiple types of codecs. This is why multi-format encoding is essential when streaming to a wide variety of devices.

Your viewers may be watching your broadcast on Macbook’s QuickTime player or PC’s Windows Media Player. Therefore, it is necessary to use two different containers, .Mov for Macbook’s QuickTime player and .wmv for Windows Media Player.

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