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Some of the highlights of Ant Media in 2021

Some of the highlights in 2021 include:

More than 6000 Ant Media servers are now running in 129 countries. The number of instances has been increased by twofold this year alone.

End users have consumed 2 billion minutes of streaming every month - a stunning 70% bump YoY!

The number of active customers has surpassed 1100. This resulted in a 2.2X increase in revenues compared to 2020 alone.

We won the 2021 Streaming Media Europe Readers' Choice Award.
G2 recognized us as the “High Performer Streaming Company” of Winter (2022), Fall, and Summer 2021, with incredible comments and rankings (9.7/10).

Here are some of our users’ G2 reviews:

“Ant Media is great product for building large-scale streaming services”  -Artem H, CEO

“Finally a media server that can scale and support todays platform needs.” -Chandika J, CEO

Ant Media is recognized by Media & Entertainment Tech Outlook as one of the Top Live Streaming Solution Providers 2021.

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