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Announcing publicly available Ant Media React Native SDK

Today, we are thrilled to announce the Ant Media React Native SDK! Besides our native Android and iOS solutions, we are also expanding our SDK family with the very popular React Native, now publicly available.

Ant Media’s WebRTC React Native SDK lets you build your own React Native application that can publish and play WebRTC broadcasts with just a few lines of code.

We have a well functioning React Native SDK, fully available in source code, and distributed with a permissive MIT license. This means developers can fork the code, send their pull requests and contribute back to the codebase. We would be more than thrilled to see you make improvements as you see fit.

The React Native SDK also comes readily available with 4 different project samples:

  • ​​Publishing a stream from your application
  • Playing a stream from your application
  • P2P communication
  • Joining a conference room

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