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Discussion on: 6 Mistakes You Might Be Making As A New Web Developer & How To Avoid Them

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Juha-Matti Santala

Great post!

I do disagree with this however

But one of the biggest mistakes most beginner developers make is jumping straight into learning these tools without a strong understanding of JavaScript.

There are different approaches to learning. I started from a very theoretical point of view and wanted to have good base understanding before moving forward. I ended up not building a lot of things because there was always so much to learn.

My suggestion for any beginner developer or junior is just to build things. Don't worry about tools, don't worry about making things perfect. Just build things. When you do, you'll learn about all sorts of things related to software development. It also makes it easier to understand the core things of Javascript because you have something to relate that knowledge to.

I tried to understand the this weirdness in Javascript for a long time. Finally after I had a lot of experience with building things without fully understanding it and encountering the issues first hand, it was much easier to understand how it works.

So I would say that both approaches are fine for a beginner developer, it all depends on what's the best way for you to learn.

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Raounak Sharma

I also kind of agree with you. It gives a sense of accomplishment when you build something, which eventually motivates you to do more and more.

And I am a great believer that, in this way beginners first write the bad code, and this is the only way to make them understand why some practices are called as bad practices. And by struggling themselves they get to know why some ways of writing code can help them.

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Wendy Kelly

As someone who has been diligently learning and building for a year, I so appreciate your calling out the "this weirdness"
It's not just me, then?
I keep reading /practicing hoping it will make perfect sense soon.
From now on, I am going to move toward acceptance.

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Emma Bostian ✨ Author • Edited

I meant to update this. I copied this over from Medium and forgot to change this part. Agreed.

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Peter Sylwester

The concept of this may be much easier to grasp when using fundamental JavaScript. A complex construction can mask the scope (to which this refers), and frameworks compound this with layers of abstraction that can be difficult for a novice to unravel. It's true that different people learn in different ways, but any one person can learn in different ways too—if one way isn't working, perhaps it's time to try another.

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Juha-Matti Santala

What I mean with my this example is that just reading through the explanation of how this works is not gonna stick or have that much of a meaning until I have used it a lot and maybe encountered a few issues. That's why I learn by doing and then coming back to the material to learn: it gives me something real to attach my new knowledge with and not just theoretical textbook knowledge.