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My 15 favourite tech-related articles from June

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Summer is here, and I have mixed feelings about that. I love when everything is bright, and the sun is shining. However, hay fever and bees are not high on my popular list. But, the pros outweigh the cons :D
I've managed to read some articles in June and here are some I found interesting. Hope you find something you enjoy and have a great summer.

Internet of Things. What's That?

TLDR; The Internet of Things is the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects.

How To Test Drive 200+ Linux Distributions Without Ever Downloading Or Installing Them

TLDR; Check out DistroTest.net

How to Stop Your Google Home From Recording All Your Conversations

TLDR; The article goes through the steps on how to accomplish this through Google's Activity Controls

How Worried Should You Be About the Health Risks of 5G?

TLDR; But for now, everything we know about 5G networks tells us that there's no reason to be alarmed. After all, there are many technologies we use every day with a substantially higher measurable risk. And as Dr Novella says, "With 5G the hazard is low—but non-zero—and the actual risk appears to be zero. We've picked up no signal in the real world."

20 Hours, $18, and 11 Million Passwords Cracked

TLDR; It's easy to crack password people create themselves

What VPN services aren't telling you about data logging

TLDR; VPN providers say that they are not logging data, but they probably are.

Is This Man the Elon Musk of E-Waste?

TLDR; Eric Lundgren built an electric car out of recycled batteries that broke the world record for electric vehicle range. He's also going to prison.

the "future of work" is here… so why aren't more companies remote-first?

TLDR; Arguments like happiness, productivity and profit are some reasons why a business should allow employees working remotely

How to start a software project with a quality mindset


  • Define the development process, tooling, etc
  • Build the foundations for good documentation
  • Define and enforce coding standards and guidelines
  • Setup static analysis tools to detect code smells early
  • Automated tests suite
  • Development environment
  • The Delivery Pipeline
  • Extra: Look for automation opportunities

Soft Skills Are Out. Here's a Better Model

TLDR; "Soft skills" sounds less important than "tech skills". "Soft skills" can imply that these skills are easier than "hard skills". Let's swap the "soft skills" terminology for "core skills."

Soft skills every developer should have


  • Be curious. Always learn new things. Learning publicly is even better.
  • Be patient and perseverant. Hard work always pays off.
  • Be creative and proactive. Take the lead of topics and keep the big picture in mind.
  • Be egoless. Don't make fun of others, accept criticisms with kindness.
  • Know how to communicate. Listen to others and learn how to be understood.
  • Help others. You'll be more trustworthy.
  • Be organized. Don't be late. Know what to do and when to do it.

Show your leadership skills, even if you're not leading a team


  • Lead by example
  • Listen first, talk last
  • Don't take sides
  • Pull your weight and even more
  • Take responsibility
  • Keep developing your leadership skills

How to Have a Slow and Boring Successful Career

TLDR; Instead of waiting for your next job, raise or promotion to do your best work, but focus on the current one. Develop and long-term (5+ years) goals.

How to be Consistent when Learning? Do this exercise.

TLDR; Document daily and weekly your goals and progress.

How to Be Great? Just Be Good, Repeatably

TLDR; The title says is it all, consistency is key.

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