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If I had to break it down I would say:

Creativity, Communication, the drive to move with the flow and a feel for the pain of others.

Creativity: Besides the technical aspect, finding and solving problems is imho a combination of understanding technical aspects, behaviour of a system based on its environment and the understanding of how the problem could be reconstructed and how to solve it. The latter is sometimes a bit difficult because, you might trap yourself in some kind of thought / solution without letting it go for a moment to think about or check out other ways.

Communication: The more I am working in this field it seems to be a core problem. People might not think about the importance of having a good talk. Being clear about domain-specific terms, minimizing misunderstanding or the inexperience in some kind of process of another field of profession. Not every problem is a computer sciency one where you are solving problems of our craft. Mostly its a software with business cases and you might not be good in everything necessary to handle the project. May it be the domain or you are unfamiliar with some technology or not highly skilled in UX design. We are working with different people and different teams and how should others understand our problems or answer our questions, if we can't communicate them properly?

The drive to move with the flow: That's a rather generic one. What I mean by that is that if you happen to switch jobs or because of some other reason there is a change of how you work or what you work with, you need to be able to adapt to it. Nothing is perfect. Not a certain development process or your favorite programming language or framework. But we are developing software together, so we need to compromise at some points. That does not mean, that you can't have a hearty discussion about what framework/language would be most suitable to do the job, but at the end of the day we are all sailing the same boat.

Another point is, that imho it is important to stay a bit up to date. You don't need to follow every news, but I know people that are tech skill speaking in the 90s and are heavily defending We always did it like that, which is in our craft a painful discussion to have, because we constantly reiterate practices and the state of the art of our profession. Being open minded and know a bit about what is happening outside of your office, might be better terms for what I am trying to say.

Feel the pain of others: Being able to understand the problems of others. Might they be teammates, colleagues from another team or stakeholders. Helping others (with their problems or by developing a solution for a use case of your customer) is based on understanding what they are trying to achieve and why. The how do they want to achieve depends on the project. Some stakeholders might not be able to answer that part properly, but we can help them try to find an answer for that. I guess some of us love to develop software for the sake of developing (I count myself to that set of people), but what we are doing, be it open source or in a business, should be something that moves our society onwards. Be it a product that is generating revenue to your company or a project that is helping others. Dev.to might be something I would consider the letter. Being able to share such thoughts on a platform that provides a friendly and open community. :)

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