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re: My point is that if people are involved, there will be politics, because people have opinions, backgrounds and agendas which generally only partial...

You know, if you agree with me, you just have to say it. Spelling it out in different words doesn't really further the discussion.

It's silly, I know, but that's people for you.

That's people. Not chairs, nor gits, or any other tool. Technology is not political, people are.

So unless you'd want to excise people from everything, politics is something you'll have accept

No, since there is context involved and absolutely needed. Not everything "has to be accepted". Framing things as bad because of people, ends in the madness we are going through right now. Someone whines, others chime in, everyone gets on the blame-train and all of a sudden git is connected to slavery and master needs to get renamed. Queue fanfares now?

What property has changed, now that git uses a different branch name, that makes git "apolitical" now? Git is still made by people, so in your words, it still has to be political, right?
What needs to change now to make it "perfect"?

I hope you see that point of view, even if you disagree with it. If not, I'll leave to practicing politics on your own.

I try to understand, truthfully, but as of yet, there was no solid point made why this is needed. Only redirects and whataboutism. That is the pinnacle of political discussions.

I think it is fine to agree to disagree this time.

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