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This speaks to me in so many levels, it's almost scary 😨

Thank you for sharing your experience and motivating me to take action in order to defeat my perfectionist self 😊

Right now I'm working on a few side projects along side a wonderful graphic designer that pushes me to stop preparing and start doing. It has helped me a lot but I still have a long way to go, I hope that finally launching a project will contribute a lot on this quest to change the perfectionist mindset ❀️

(This is my first comment here, small steps toward "putting myself out there" πŸ˜‡)


Thank you! I'm glad you took the step and made your first comment! See, that wasn't so bad was it! this post has almost 40K views, so just think about that! You're comment has been ready by thousands of people now.

Your comment keeps me motivated as well. :)

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