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Pedantic question: if a server is not returning a Status Code of 404… is it still a 404 page?


No, it’s a not found page in client side route technically. It’s status code is going to be 200 since server will just route the index file and client handle the exact route.
It’s just the naming convention used by me as 404 page, it’s a not found page.


Perhaps you could call it a "soft 404" whereas a servers response would be a "hard 404"?


Yes that’s right. It’s a soft 404 in client side


This is really interesting to me. An artifact of the transport layer (the HTTP status code) has made it into the application layer. We're expecting the SPA to 'act' like a web browser, showing a 404 from a server when a resource (URL) is not found.

But it's not a web browser; it's a self contained JavaScript application. The artifact is actually from a completely different architectural model. Are we adding to the confusion if we start calling this error state a 404?

(I'm not trying to say there's a right way or a wrong way - I'm just trying to point out how weird this is when you think about it).

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