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re: Well you made me feel like a pleb. Also: Terrible because there is no standard Preach! I'm curious about MathJax, is this the best option for...

Well you made me feel like a pleb.

Hahaha - I find that hard to believe!

I'm curious about MathJax

Meh. I have no idea if it's the best idea. It got me through the gates and meant that I didn't need to do any further parsing of the Markdown when it compiled to HTML. So a quick fix.

Ideally it should have more processing on the server side so I would like to try MathML myself.

You wouldn't necessarily have to not use dev.to, unless your experience tells you otherwise - the Markdown should support the HTML if it's getting visited in FireFox.

I've given up supporting legacy browsers like Chrome, but I believe there is a plugin to render MathML.


I might be doing something wrong then. There appears to be quite a lot of HTML that dev.to strips from the post (probably for good reason, can't trust everything and it's better to whitelist than blacklist)

Hmmm... well having not tried it thus far I'll trust to your report.

Dev.to is open source - perhaps we should take a poke at the codes to see if there's a quick win?

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