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I'm going to be totally honest, I get really nervous about putting out new content sometimes. And, that's why it took me so long to put this out, even though it's been written for a while.

It's great that you're honest about this - I bet we've all had a post that just won't get out for one reason or another. I try and remember that it's just a blog post - it doesn't need to be perfect - and that I can change it afterwards based on feedback. But I do make sure I've got a few friendly people I can show it to before it goes out for the first time, just to get a little bit of confidence.

So I try not to feel too pressured (stupid advice) and just get something out quickly. Then, I try to change it as I get more information, feedback, change my mind. Yes, it's the Minimum Viable Post!

Anyway - feedback!


I'd just like to say that, while I know lots of people love wireframe software, I try to avoid them. Why? I find them a timesink. By the time I've drawn my wireframe I could've written the same thing in CSS/HTML in the actual, usable, first iteration of the application (if it's even a web app with a ui). So for me design tends to be done on the back of a napkin in around thirty seconds.


If I'm approaching a prioritized list of features, I try and forget any deadline that might be in play. Why? Because I know I've delivered the most value to the customer in the time available. Focusing on a deadline makes me feel like I have to be 'finished', that everthing should be done and 'over'. The truth is that my software projects, like all art, is never finished, only abandoned. I just try to make sure that it's abandoned in the best state possible.

Anyway, just a few thoughts. Keep up the good work!


Thanks! Totally agree on wireframes, think that it tends to be different for everyone -- I find it really helpful (though usually more time consuming). I like that idea on deadlines and timelines! I am really type A and so they're kind of helpful for me! Thanks for the feedback and advice, these are great thoughts!

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