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I guess it was my youngster dream, where tech wasn't that advanced. Unfortunately for me the tech overgrown my dream.

Don't give up! Live the dream! Make a website NOW!

I believe in you - you can do it! You don't need all the things you're worried about, and you can add them later if you do.

Do it now! What are you waiting for? DO IT!


I have my website for years and very well aware about site builders ;)

It is not about publishing html page, but whatever or not it makes any sense. Think about it as motivation.


Site builders? Like I'd use a framework ;)

This is Larry Wall's website:

Larry Wall is demonstrably a much better programmer than any of us. And his website is pretty basic. If Larry Wall is OK with having a simple website with a lot of not that useful stuff on it, well, then so am I.

This is my website:

It is a bit better looking than Larry's.

I've looked at your website. The only issue I have is that massive JS file from Kaspersky in the head is blocking the page load. Other that that it's better looking than mine or Larry's.

So, yeah - I'd keep it. It's fun.

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