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re: Good questions. Clean code is on the list. I've read and did consider adding test driven development but I decided against it. I was trying to k...

Clean code is on the list.

That'll teach me... must've gone snow blind for a second!

I haven't read XP Explained so I can't comment on its content.

Well, I'll recommend it! It's short, and brevity is a quality all of its own!

Fair point about TDD - I was just interested to see unit testing talked about outside of TDD.

The most under appreciated book on the list is Rapid Development

It's now on the Christmas list - hopefully I've been nice not naughty...

Ah, yes, I remember XP Explained now. I saw Kent Beck talk about how he completely rewrote the second edition instead of the update he had planned to do. I've added it to my reading list.


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