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re: Somewhat unrelated, but part of the journey, was using Flutter, being impressed by the environment, developer experience, and potential, but hittin...

So could you say that you rejected using a framework @ben ? ;)

hitting a snag and seeing that the resolution lied in a GitHub issue that had been open since 2015 with no obvious timeline for a fix.

Seriously, this point about 'hidden' snags buried in ancient, unresolved issues is one of my reasons to avoid silver-bullet frameworks; you want it to do that one thing... but it never will.

Admirable decision to code it up in Swift and then rely on the web to serve content. If I had a I didn't use a framework and it was fine sticker, I'd award it.


I’ve consistently played both ends of the framework spectrum. Went with vanilla JS for the front end of the web app, now with some libs sprinkled in. But Rails for the backend, which is a framework and a half.

This is actually what Cordova does at the end of the day.


If I had a I didn't use a framework and it was fine sticker, I'd award it

Technically you're still using a framework to build the app, and the server side app that's "wrapped" inside the mobile app uses a framework too.

I don't think building a mobile app without using any sort of framework is much of an option



You got a problem with frameworks dude, that's the point. Take it easy.

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