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Pretty good advice. My 2p / 2¢:

  • Don't worry if coding is your only hobby. Just be ready for the moment it gets boring (for a while) and accept that it's OK to enjoy something else. Maybe you'll come back to hacking in your spare time, maybe not - just remember it's for you to unwind and not a thing you have to do.

  • I don't gym, I run. Some of my colleagues walk. Or just walk to a restaurant. Some of us do none of the above because they can't. Exercise is great for many reasons, but you could play piano, read a (fiction) book, practice meditation or mindfulness. This is all particularly useful not just for lunchtime but for whenever you're stuck. Grab a colleague, tell them it's coffee time and go walk and chat.

  • My 'worst developer habit', in myself and others: not talking. Try not to sit with your headphones on all day 'working' on a problem. Talk to everyone about what you're doing. Or your weekend. Or the latest episode of Doctor Who or whatever.

  • Forgive yourself. You do not have to know it all, do it all the time, be super productive. If you take the pressure off doing what you have to do and try and do what you want to do - what makes you feel 'happy' - you'll be both more productive, happier, nicer to work with.

A worthwhile read is Apprenticeship Patterns, which is full of good ideas that I've used from time to time to move forward in my career. I'd stress ideas though - not everything is right for everyone. Really, listen to yourself and how you feel, try out things and see how they make you feel.


Love all your points David. Certain things won't work for everyone and that's ok. I will for sure give the Apprenticeship Patterns a read :)


I'm wary of anyone who only has one hobby, regardless of what it is. It really limits your conversation, especially with people who don't have the same hobby as you, and it limits your variety of experiences!


Can't remember who said it, but I agree: hobbies are for people who don't love their jobs.


I love the last bullet, we often forget to be kind to ourselves. I definitely think the third bullet is a missing piece in my day-to-day work and I want to start doing it TOMORROW! I have a hunch that I would be better if I "thought out loud" more.

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