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re: This is really dumb. I see a lot of “Motte & Bailey” arguments in the comments by the author about how all he was trying to say is [more defen...

I'm not really sure I ever suggested we go back to banging the rocks together to make a website.

Frameworks are obviously extremely benificial given that essentially all firms and independent contractors use them.

Maybe, as you've heard of Motte & Bailey, you're aware of the naturalistic fallacy? It was put rather nicely in this history of Lisp at the NASA JPL, which is worth a read anyway. I'll quote the bit I like at the end - my emphasis.

The problem with this argument is twofold: first, we're confusing best practice with standard practice. The two are not the same. And second, we're assuming that best (or even standard) practice is an invariant with respect to the task.

I hope I'm clear; I think standard practice in web development is not best practice.

web developers would be better of spending their time learning other thinngs than how to parse HTTP requests

Like what? Seriously. What could be more important to a developer who writes software for the internet than understanding how to parse an HTTP request. Not writing a parser for one, but being able to read them when, say, they appear in the dev tools popup for the browser of your choice. What could be more important than the glue that holds the wonderful world of the web together?

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