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Why Samsung Internet is my new favourite mobile browser

Google chrome is undoubtedly the most common choice of browser for any android user, and is often installed on devices running stock android OS. But there are many other browsers such as Opera, DuckDuckGo, and today's hot topic Samsung Internet. Now you may be thinking, Samsung made a browser ? Would it just be another bloated software option from Samsung like their skinned OS One UI.

I moved to a Samsung Note 10+ after a Pixel 2XL and I, like many, automatically downloaded Chrome. I originally downloaded Chrome thinking it was the best choice, and I had used it for many years, however, after a couple of months, I began tired of having to configure syncing across devices. I didn't want certain information syncing with other devices I was logged in with my Google account, e.g work laptops (where I used SSO to login into websites). I then began to use the native Samsung Internet, and it soon became my favourite new browser on my mobile.

I will take you through some of the reason why I love it, and point out some areas which are still lacking in comparison to its rivals.


Menu Options

The menu options within the Samsung Internet browser are both easy to use, and easy to find. It looks a lot like the navigation pull-down menu found in android OS making it a familiar sight. Can easily toggle between a mobile site and desktop, turn on and off native dark mode, install add-ons, and many more features.

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You can customise this toolbar too, with options you use frequently (something which Chrome does not let you do within its hamburger menu). I'm not sure about you, but I personally also prefer viewing icons rather than list menus.

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Dark Mode

Samsung Internet comes with a native dark mode feature, meaning all pages are automatically converted to dark mode for easy on the eye browsing, and a feature some mobile users have become accustomed to. The dark mode is applied swiftly and easily through the bottom menu.

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