React vs JS 2020

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So being a .Net developer, and an avid fan of javascript i'm wanting to venture into the world of SPA's and javascript framework / libraries. However i'm not sure which one to pick.

According to online stats, React is the more popular of the two with more download etc but which is actually the best in terms of careers, the goto these days, or better learning opportunities.

From what i've seen online when comparing them, Vue seems "easier" to code, but React offers more complexity / configuration ? Is this true.

Looking for advice from actual users, or people who have used both and can give their opinions or experience with either.


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I have used both I would say that it just makes sense to start with React. It's significantly more popular in the West whereas Vue is more popular in the East. There are simply more React jobs available here and honestly I don't think JSX is that difficult to learn for someone who already knows how to code. React also has a bigger community in the west so it's easier to find help and solutions when working.

Once you get comfortable with React you should play around with Vue. And if you are feeling adventurous there is the new kid on the block called Svelte.


Thanks Andrew, yeah i tend to lean to more complicated when learning something new. If i can learn React, i feel that the "simpler" Vue should be quicker to pickup. Looking at examples of JSX it don't look that bad, seems to lend itself quite closely to Angular.


Seconding Svelte; it’s wonderful. A good number of Svelte jobs are starting to pop up as well. Apple’s been recently opening up some positions with it!


The thing that hooked me on Vue was that I did not need a build process to get started. Just a good old script tag in my HTML, and I am off to the races. You will probably want a build process eventually when your project gets larger, but for getting started, it was exactly the experience I wanted.

If you are job hunting (I am currently) React and Angular are for more in demand by employers ... for now. That does not necessarily make them the "right" choice for you/your project, but it is worth considering. Personally, I will stick with Vue, and hold out for a job that uses the framework I enjoy.

Also anecdotally, since you mention .NET, in my job search, I see a lot of Microsoft shops lean towards Angular and/or Xamarin. YMMV.


I am an active user of React but I did make a small crud app in Vue 2 as well .

Short answer: if you’re looking for a job React is a much safer bet than Vue

Long answer: Vue is the most loved framework but React is more used in the industry
When i was experimenting with vue it felt like a very easy head start but it also made me feel trapped unlike React which is a pure UI framework which means more control and more 3rd party integrations obvi leading to more complex config setups. But doesn't mean impossible - you will get used to it like I did

Vue is awesome if you have never used a JS framework before though:) 💯 recommended.

But again, this whole thing is just an opinion - don't treat it like the Gospel


React is more popular because it is backed by facebook , due to which most companies tend to use react rather than vue.
Vue is most loved by the developers who starts using them , I think it combines the best parts of both angular and react.
React is a bit complex to get started , that is what I experienced when I started learning react but it gets alot better after a while.
I think you should try both and see which one u like (most of the people like vue).
I started with react since it had more job opportunities in my area.
Maybe you should start with react and after a while you should try Vue js too.✌️



I use both. But compagnies are mostly using react and angular in western countries, while vue is more used in eastern ones.
So for a career standpoint, it depends on where you live.
Now from a technological standpoint:

  • React is a tiny library encouraging more of a functionnal style programming and let you choose the tools you want to compose it with (Jsx, css in js/css, redux/recoil/mobx, hooks/classes, typescript/Javascript, react-dom/react-native, react-router/reach-router, fetch/axios/request, etc)
  • Angular is more of a framework and is highly opinionated (templates, ioc, oop, typescript, rxjs)
  • Vue is a mix with sensitive good defaults suggested by the vue-cli (vue, vue-router, vuex, template, axios). It's easier to grasp as a beginner, but as the same complexity as react avalable once you master it.