Discussion on: It's time for Typescript Native

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Vamsi Vishnubhotla

I sympathize with your desire for native performance, but the JS family of languages (Typescript, Dart, etc.) are intentionally dynamic and that offers developers a number of features that are unavailable for statically compiled languages, such as stateful hot-reload.

Google has done some good work with Dart in that their VM can do AOT or JIT compilation depending on whether you're in production or development environments. It seems like this might be what you want with Typescript. I would look into Dart. It might offer exactly what you're looking for.

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Oliver Dixon

Yeah but Dart still sucks, I mean it doesn’t even have optionals and many other basic features designed to help developers. I write Flutter apps daily and we’re seeing unnecessary null pointers that could be avoided with these simple language features.

I love TypeScript, I think it’s one of the best languages out there by far. If you’re writing vanilla JS and not syncing models with your web apps, you’re not a developer 😂😂