Do you use blue light glasses?

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Hi, friends. I'm a coder and using computer about 5-8 hours per day. I want to know are you using blue light glasses? And how much money do you cost for it?


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I have pairs with and without the blue light coatings. Honestly, I can't tell the different. I've found adjusting the brightness of my monitor and making sure that I have enough ambient light to be a lot more effective in reducing eye strain. Ditto for getting a high quality monitor.


I wear glasses all the time. It cost $80 to have a blue-light film put onto my glasses, which I thought was pretty steep. But I think it was definitely worth it! Here are some other free things I do as well to help with blue light exposure:

  • Use the DarkReader chrome extension
  • Use "Night Shift" on my Mac all the time which lessens the blue light on the display
  • Increase font size and decrease brightness

Hi, Curtis.

Thanks for your help.


The last point is interesting but I'm afraid it doesn't go well if u are a web dev I suppose? If u increase the font size doesn't it affect how you set widths, heights, margins of the elements?


I mean you should check your website with different font sizes anyway, part of responsible and accessible design


Yes, I'm web dev. And can't increase the font size.


I've had a pair that were around 20$. I wear them sometimes if I remember.

I'm honestly not sure how well they work compared to using night light or similar on your computer, dark themes and just not spending that much time looking at a screen before bed.


I had the blue light filter glasses got rid of them because you can see blue reflections in your glasses if the light hits you right and it’s irritating. For Mac I use night shift and windows I use flux. On computer 8-12 hours a day very little eye strain. Personally I think blue light filter glasses are a waste of money.


Hello Michael, I used to use glasses without the blue light but now I'm using one with blue light and there is a big difference for me because my eyes are less tired. Here in Bolivia, I paid 60$us for them.


No. I wear glasses and on my previous pair I got the blue light filter and I didn't like it at all. I didn't notice any improvement in comfort when using a screen whatsoever, and it gave everything a yellow tint.

On my new pair I don't have a blue light filter and I find it much better.


I looked into blue light blocking lenses not because of eye-strain, but because I was having trouble sleeping.

So I bought a cheap pair of Zenni frames that I wear at night that have their "BLOKZ" blue light blocking lenses. I'm not sure how much they help in reality, but I think there's definitely some psychological benefits to them. Wearing them makes me think "yeah, it's time to wind down" and I've found that to be helpful.

I think what helps me the most, though, are the various "night-mode" options available now. Things like Flux that make the screen more orange than blue.


Hi, Tim. Thanks for your help.


I use a pair from Clearly (clearly.ca/eyeglasses-lenses/digit...), they weren't very expensive, may $60-$80? I forget - it was a while ago. I wear them every day when I'm on the computer and they make a huge difference for me. Before I got them my eyes would be twitching and burning after a long day. Doesn't happen at ALL when I wear the glasses. I can feel my eyes burning if I forget to put them on.

Def worth it for me! Wearing them right now :)


Dillon, thanks for your help.


Yes, I do wear Blue-Light Filtering glasses while coding.

Apart from that,

  • I use Dark themes on my Editors (Night Owl on VS Code).

  • I used to use Flux on Mac but Now I simply use "Night Shift" all the time.

  • I take frequent Breaks for Standing and Blinking.


I wear glasses all the time while working, watching TV, anything that involves reading. As far as I know from what I've researched, a blue light filter is not meant to make your vision more comfortable even though it may be marketed like that. It might have a positive effect on your sleep cycle by reducing your exposition to blue light wavelenghts at night, which affect the production of melatonin, which in turn is involved in making you sleepy. However, this whole blue-light thing is still under debate time.com/5752454/blue-light-sleep/.

On the other hand, there are also anti-reflective coatings for glasses. My glasses have this. This might actually help more in reducing eye strain than the blue light filter so I suggest you look into that. I personally haven't noticed a huge improvement, but you could give it a try. I don't remember how much it cost me to add that.


I have a blue light filter on my glasses. Personally I like it. When I am working at the office we have bright LED lighting that produces a lot of blue light. I can tell a big difference in color when looking at a white surface with/without them.


I use it when my computer sometimes fail to implement night light mode to reduce eye strain. It did not cost much, though.


I use some, yeah. Not all the time but especially in the evening. And they were actually just twenty bucks on amazon I think.


Hey , Michael

I would suggest you to watch this video before buying the blue light filter lenses.


This video will clear all your doubts about blue light filter glasses!


If you can't get one of these with the light filter I'll be the best choice, cause exposure to screen lights for long periods can be tiring for your eyes.