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Discussion on: A Ridiculously Simple Way For Creating Responsive Web Apps

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The title says "A Ridiculously Simple Way For Creating Responsive Web Apps"
Responsive Web Apps in general are only created with media queries, but you mentioned a 'ridiculously simple way' to achieve that instead, but wheres that? You literally just defined media queries, like no sh*t, that's not what anyone's here for.

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Domagoj Vidovic Author • Edited on

While media queries are incredibly simple, people think that they as well as responsive apps are something complex.

I introduced a mindset that media queries are nothing more than a bunch of if statements - something most people find simple.

This article won't magically create responsive apps.

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You keep saying "if" statements....yet I see no "if" statements in the code.

I understand where GunsyX is coming from but I'll take a different approach than he. The title "A Ridiculously Simple Way For Creating Responsive Web Apps" implies that there is some sort of new WAY that is ridiculously simple, compared to the normal way of creating responsive web apps. A title more like "Creating Responsive Web Apps is ridiculously Simple: here's how" might be a little less misleading. I as well read the article thinking that I was going to read a new way. A ridiculously simple way. But instead just read about the normal way. Which is, yes, ridiculously simple. :-)