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re: It comes from a combination of the "hacker" stereotype and the fact that a great many (if not most) software developers (who are arguably the pione...

I can't stress this more: "if you're not socializing outside of work (regardless of where you work), it's ultimately your own fault. Working remotely just shines a GIANT spotlight on your negligence in that department".

I believe the most healthy relationships emerge from your permanent hobbies. Work socialization can turn into changing skins every time you change your work, which is more often now than older generations.

Yeah, I honestly hate changing my personas. I am usually unapologetically myself during interviews (note this does not mean unapologetically cocky! hahaha), so that if I act like myself during work, nobody is confused.

But to your point, being proactive outside of work to socialize is very very important. I agree that working remotely just points it out and makes it more obvious how much you need it.

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