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Discussion on: Clean, DRY, SOLID Spaghetti

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Guney Ozsan • Edited on

I was reading a lot about these but I was able to grasp the idea on what to do and not to do, only after working on a single codebase as a sole developer over a year and then someone joins the team.

First, after a year you eventually start maintaining the essentials of the codebase of a less experienced and also a dumber version of yourself, and noone can help you out of this self-torture.

Then you start avoiding future self-tortures.

Second, you write more for your new teammate as you keep facing what was obvious was actually not that obvious, while facing the truth that they actually met your less experienced and also dumber version, not who you are today.

Then you start writing as if they sit next to you while coding (and include your chat as comments).